Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Changed Blog sites!! We will be at

Much easier to navigate for us!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slowly Counting Down

It's funny how close the big move is yet how far away it seems all at the same time! When we say it out loud.."we will be on the road next Thursday" it seems right around the corner but the days just feel like they are slowly dragging by.

Yesterday evening a decent storm ran through Carmel and our neighbors poor Maple tree had a hard time. By hard time I mean half of it collapsed...into our side and back yards.

Luckily there wasn't any damage. Just a mess to clean up :)

Then today for a good portion of the afternoon we were bombarded by extremely loud and annoying Tornado Warning alerts on our phones. Yea it's good to know but jeeze...can we turn those pesky things off? -note to self: CALL AT&T ASAP & get those darned things turned off-
We are excited to be moving to a place where tornadoes are not touching ground less than 10 miles away. :) Now we just have to make it there without one coming through our neighborhood first! 

Other than that Chris is working and I am "studying" Permaculture. So much to learn before we pick out land. I ordered 2 books on the subject. One a beginner's guide to Permaculture which is supposed to be easy to follow and one on homesteading with Permaculture influences. Once read we'll let you know if we found them useful. Also more posts on Permaculture and homesteading to come. 

We also talked to our wonderful Real Estate Agent Martini ( real name Martina but we like Martini) today. She has been very helpful to us in pre-screening properties to see if they have some basic requirements on our end ( secondary water source, well, largely timbered etc) She goes out to the properties to send pictures and see if the land is what we are looking for and she lets us send her lists of endless properties and questions. We are very grateful that she has been so willing to help us the past 2-3 months. 

That is all we have for you right now..we hope wherever you are you are getting to enjoy similar rain storms like we were lucky enough to get today!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Only 1 week and 4 days!

Hey all!

We are 1 week and 4 days away from making our Journey from Indiana to Washington State. We can't believe it's happening so fast!

Now we are trying to work on getting rid of all of the materialistic junk we don't need. It's amazing how much stuff you don't realize you have until you're trying to pack up a whole house!

So as we count the days down..while Chris works during the day I am left to do research...lots of research. Currently I am watching a bunch of videos through a permaculture course website. So far i've learned we need to plant trees first. arghhh...:/ I need to take better notes. I know i'll get more info than that..I just have to sit and focus.

So our first post ever we decided we would show you our current neighborhood, so you can get a feel of what we are leaving behind. Our current neighborhood is great...if upscale suburbia is what you're going for. Honestly, you couldn't ask for a better's quiet, it's clean, it's safe. Just not the type of life we are looking for.

There's our current home, a pretty ranch with a huge yard

More house

What the inside looks like

All in all it's a nice typical home. Onto what we don't like...what we see when we look outside:



We want to be somewhere more rural (we are introverts remember?) and have a home surrounded by woods, mountains and nature. Now that you have a taste for what we are'll be able to see what we are moving towards.

Thanks for listening to our ramblings!